Products and ordering information

Due to covid 19 I am sold out of everything for 2020. I will have more product available in 2021.

Woodland Farm sells and delivers 100% Grass-Fed Beef halves and quarters and GMO free Pork halves in Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads and the Richmond areas. No grain is ever fed. We are located in Amelia, Virginia.

I will make numerous deliveries in Chesterfield during the summer.

I deliver to Northern Virginia in the Target Parking lot at 2460 Prince William Pkwy, Woodbridge, VA 22192 on July 13, 2020 at 7pm. I can also stop further South on I95 on my way.

I deliver to Hampton Roads on July 23, 2020 at 6pm at the Hampton Inn and Suites at 12251 Jefferson Ave Newport News, VA 23602 and at 7pm at Norfolk Police Recruiting Center parking lot at 2500 N Military Hwy, Norfolk, VA 23502. I can also stop further West on I64 on my way.
There is a $.25 per pound delivery fee to Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads. However for first time customers there is no delivery fee.

My Grass-Fed Beef is hormone free and antibiotic free. Grain is never fed. I do not buy cattle to slaughter. They are all born on my farm. This insures my beef is all natural in every way. Glyphosate is not used on my pastures. I do not use wormers or vaccines.

My pork is purchased from Sunrise Farms. It is hormone free, antibiotic free and the grain they are fed is GMO free. New, smoked bacon is now available. Smoked bacon can contain sodium nitrites or you can choose smoked bacon with celery powder that only contains natural nitrites.

A $300 down payment is required for a beef half and $100 for Ground Beef, beef quarters and pork halves.

To order, ask questions or get on my annual(February) email list please email me at



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Beef and Pork details

A beef half is about 200 lbs of take home beef.  At $6.25/lb a 200 lb beef half would cost $1250 total. A beef quarter is about 100 lbs of take home beef. At $6.50/lb a beef quarter would cost $650. Beef quarters are standardized, however beef halves can be customized(you choose how it is cut). Beef is charged by actual take home weights. Actual weights are not known until the beef has been slaughtered, cut, packaged and weighed. This occurs about a day before delivery.

I offer ground beef at $4.75/lb when ordering 100 lbs or more and $5.00/lb for 50 lbs or more. You choose the package size. I pay all butchering fees, sales taxes as well as anything else you can think of.

Pork is sold by hanging weight. A pork half is $4.10 per pound of hanging weight which is about $5.50 per pound of take home meat. A pork half weighs about 75 lbs. The cost of a Pork half will be about $412.

The superior quality of my Grass-Fed Beef is due to my ability to use the best genetics for marbling. Thru the use of artificial insemination I am able to use bulls in the top 1% for their marbling score to breed as many of my cows as I can. The remaining cows are bred to my herd bull, who is a son of a bull in the top 1% for marbling. Marbling is the fat in the beef, not the outside. The bulls I use put more fat in the beef.

Your beef will dry age for increased tenderness and flavor in the butcher’s cooler for 14 days. Beef halves will then be cut to your specifications. A typical customer might want 3lb roasts(for a family of 4 or less) and 1 1/4 inch steaks. You will get approximately 44% ground beef, 35% roasts and 21% steaks from you half or whole. Some customers will want more ground beef and will prefer to have their Sirloin or Round Roasts in ground beef. You will fill out a questionnaire about how you want your beef cut. Everything is vacuum sealed and frozen and will last more than 2 years in the freezer.

Quarter customers cannot choose how their beef is cut.

You will get 1.25 inch steaks and 3lb roasts.

A 100lb quarter will contain:

Chuck Roasts                11lbs

Bottom Round Roasts 3lbs

Eye Round Roast         1.5lb

Sirloin Steak                 7lbs

Sirloin Tip Roast          3lbs

Rib Eye Steak                5.6lbs

Arm Roast                      5lbs

Plate Ribs-Baby style   4lbs

Short Ribs                       5lbs

Back Ribs                        1lb

Brisket                             5.5lbs

T-bone Steak                  3.3lbs

Porterhouse Steak         2.6lbs

London Broil                  4.5lbs

Stew Meat                       5lbs

Skirt Steak                       1lb

Flank Steak                     1lb

Ground Beef                   31lbs

Total Beef                        100lbs


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